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Andrei, your videographer

Here are two pieces of advice from your wedding videographer

Your wedding video's success will depend on how well it captures your individuality. 

Always keep in mind that you are the star of your own wedding. Not even the most talented filmmaker can make viewers feel something through just technical excellence in filmmaking, aesthetic merit, or editing. You alone have the ability to do this. Be fully in the moment on your special day. If you want to be taken seriously by your partner, you need to show that you mean it when you claim you'll always love them. If you want to have fun viewing your wedding film years from now, you should dance like no one is looking on the dance floor with your pals on the big day. 


Preparation footage is always fascinating. 

Although the wedding itself and your first dance as husband and wife are important milestones that should be documented, don't miss the fact that the time you spend getting ready to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person on earth is also worthy of coverage. Because how often do you get to get dressed up for this day? Spend time with your best guests, cry and laugh, and get ready to start your next chapter.  Think of your dad's reaction when he first lays eyes on you in your wedding dress. That's something you can't afford to lose out on; it's priceless. 

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