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Hello dears!

I'm Catalina

Always seeking the unique. 
9 years of photography behind, and still not enough.


If you are looking not only for a photographer but for a wedding planner, bride's maid, best friend, the entertainment of your day, advice, the girl who's giving you breaks in the middle of a photoshoot, body-guard, the girl who's stopping your baby from crying, the one who's gonna find the best pose for you, you've probably found your wedding photographer.



I'm Andrei

Catalina’s partner and your videographer. 

The second person behind Tandem. The driver, equipment carrier, advisor…you name it.
Together with Catalina, I’m here to make you feel glamorous, appreciated, and even more loved during your big day.

Looking forward to meeting you,


Nice to meet you,

With you...

Us, in front of the camera

Pictures made by: Softy Brown(2022), Alex Manea(2022), Eugenia Hanganu(2021), Ekaterina Yaltykova(2020)


Grab a glass of wine and

Let's say "Hi"

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